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MY GOAL: Make a positive Impact

Bringing yourself and your health back to the center of your life isn't an act of selfishness. It’s an amazing and empowering lifestyle decision that anyone can achieve. I believe in finding the fun side of fitness and bettering yourself physically, mentally and emotionally. Finding and maintaining wellness in these areas will be life-changing and I want to help you get there. My goal is to help you find the best version of yourself and keep you front and center in your life.

My recent focus has been on core and pelvic floor restoration through breathwork and functional training as well as preparing and empowering expectant mothers to have an educated and positive physiological birth experience. 


 Check back here often as I continue to grow and offer more to my community. 




My functional movement based approach to training will help you move better, feel stronger and improve your overall health.  A focus on the main pillars of health and strength will have you feeling like the best version of yourself in no time.  I offer personal and small group training.



This is a series of breathing and postural exercises which incorporate every muscle in the body and will focus on the deepest core stabilizing muscles by decreasing intra-abdominal pressure. It improves muscle tone and boasts a long list of health, aesthetic and sport performance benefits.



As a pre/postnatal certified coach I can provide a strong, safe, happy and healthy pregnancy and postpartum experience. We will create a foundation of nutrition, exercise, rest and recovery for each trimester as well as once baby arrives. Prioritizing your health during this chapter of your life is incredibly important for you and your baby.



As a doula, I provide education, support and guidance for expectant mothers along with comfort measures and tools to have a more empowered and positive birth experience.

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"Aubree is the best! Workouts are always enjoyable and motivating! She is very encouraging and never judgemental. She always makes a session work for you regardless of injuries or specific needs. She’ll push you hard but also educates clients on how to take care of their bodies after or outside of sessions. She makes sure you’re doing each exercise properly and will make adjustments if needed. I know she puts tons of thought, care, and effort into her clients. I absolutely love her!"

Isabella G.

"My husband and I have been training with Aubree for a year. Never thought I would even make a month!!! The interest and care that she takes in knowing you and your goals is outstanding! A true professional and really knows her stuff!!! The love and enthusiasm she has for her job is refreshing. LOVE HER"

Chris G.

"Aubree is a true professional and offers a warm heart and encouragement through her teaching. After dealing with post-surgery pelvic pain for a long time I learned about hypopressive/low pressure techniques. Her guidance and attention to postural cues have helped me tremendously. My pain levels have decreased very significantly after only a few weeks and I expect them to dissipate completely in the near future. I deeply appreciate Aubree’s follow up after/between sessions as she checks on my progress and well-being. She is such a gift in my life and I am truly grateful."


                     DISCOVER ESSENTIAL OILS

                                                          Contact me for questions, suggestions or to find out what I use oils for!



2410 S Main St. 

Suite B

West Bend, WI 53095

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