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"I really enjoy working with Aubree and have been doing so weekly for the past 14 months. She takes a genuine interest in what my goals are (fitness, health, long life) and tailors the workouts accordingly. She keeps the pace challenging and productive at just the right level so I'm performing at a level beyond what I would likely make myself do, but not to the point where a workout becomes defeating. The results are great and I always look forward to weekly metabolic conditioning. Aubree is my trainer. She's awesome."-Morgan H.

"Aubree is the best! I came to her to learn low pressure fitness. She is a very skilled and personable trainer with an eye for detail. She also has endless patience and creativity for supporting me in learning this practice. I highly recommend her for any training or fitness needs you have. She will provide positive accountability, support, and extensive knowledge to keep your workouts engaging and progressing!"-Beth Anne F.

"I have had the pleasure of working out with Aubree for 4 years. She is the best! Aubree creates fun and challenging workouts and is very conscientious of proper form and technique in order to avoid injury. She is always motivating and positive, yet willing to push you to your true abilities. I look forward to every time I get to see her!"-Beth S.

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